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My Diary: Helen Cooper, Founder of Wellconnectedagents UK

Here’s how Helen Cooper, Founder of Wellconnectedagents UK spends a typical working day.

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Helen Cooper
Helen Cooper

Helen Cooper is the Founder of Wellconnectedagents UK, an agency that looks after brands such as Diane Legrand Bridal.

With a wealth of experience, Helen has worked with some of the most renowned brands in the bridal industry including Brides of London, Pronovias, Euro-Mode Donner and most recently Diane Legrand Bridal.

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My Typical Morning…

I am definitely a morning person. During the week I usually wake up around 7.30am and even earlier when my granddaughter stays over. I like having a bright start to my day and sometimes I wake up at 6.30 on the weekends.

The first thing I do in the morning is check my Blackberry for emails and then it’s Instagram and Facebook so I can keep up to date with the business and social media.

For my breakfast, I usually have some porridge, bananas on toast or sometimes yoghurt and a piece of fruit.

My Typical Afternoon…

I work 24/7 so I am always on the go. Sometimes lunch is skipped if I have had plenty for breakfast but when I am hungry I’m partial to some soup from Pret.

My afternoons usually consist of being on the telephone to my clients and sometimes I’ll be out and about in London visiting them.

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My Typical Evening…

I work nonstop so I never really leave work. I usually spend time in the evening on my Blackberry and I will check my emails right before I go to bed.

When I’m not working in the evenings I sometimes spend time with my granddaughter for a catch-up and some playtime. My typical evening is spending time with my husband Roger. We will have some dinner, some wine and have a catch-up before going to bed at around 11pm.

To switch off in the evening I’ll sometimes have a glass of wine or two.

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The Best Part of My Day…

My favourite part of the day is late afternoon/evening when I can really focus on what I need to do and plan for the following days and week. I love it when I discover something new and get to call my clients and update them.

If I could change anything about my day it would be to hide my Blackberry for a bit, but she is too much fun and too efficient for business not to have her with me.

As a well-known agent, my service and commitment to my clients is paramount for me. I have known many of them for many years and they know if they contact me at any time, I am always their ‘wellconnectedagent’ and will help them with anything they need.

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