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The Five Best Ways to Use Safety Pins

Safety pins are indispensable for retailers and boutiques in the bridal industry. They’re used constantly but what are the best ways you can use them to your advantage?

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You probably use safety pins on a daily basis for alterations and quick fixes but how can they be used in surprising ways that could be your saving grace? We’ve put together some of the best hacks that you can do with safety pins.

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Bra Straps

Bra straps poking out can ruin an outfit. You can use safety pins to hold the back of a bride’s bra straps together and keep them off show. Just gather the straps, pin them together and leave your bride looking flawless.

Static Cling

Static cling can cause real issues as it makes the garment fall wrong and flow badly. To solve this, attach a safety pin to the inside of the skirt lining to stop static making the skirt cling to the bride’s legs.

Broken Zipper

If the zipper snaps off at the last minute, attach a safety pin to a broken zipper as an emergency replacement. It can act as a substitute and ward off disaster.

Fix Broken Elastic

You can use a safety pin if the elastic in a dress snaps by attaching one to one end, pushing the elastic through then putting a pin through the loose end and pinning the both ends of the elastic to the fabric, ensuring it doesn’t slip out again.

Broken Brooch

There might be a gorgeous vintage brooch with a snapped pin that the bride’s set on having in their wedding. Save the day and put a safety pin through the back of a broken brooch so they can use it for their something old.

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