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White Gallery Spotlight: Alan Hannah

We caught up with designer Marguerite Hannah to shine a spotlight on bridal brand, Alan Hannah

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Image from the MiaMia label
Image from the MiaMia label

Can you give us a brief background of the brand?

Alan Hannah was established in 1990 as a couture label and we still hold true to this original idea. The brand has three main labels – Alan Hannah, MiaMia and Rita Mae. I design each and every collection and I like to be hands-on throughout the entire process, from the initial sketch, creating each pattern, right up to directing the machinist when making the sample dress.

All Alan Hannah dresses are made in our own workshop, which means we can deliver each and every dress quickly and additionally, we are able to meet bespoke and made to measure requests. Partnership is key for the brand and I love to work closely with our stockists. By doing so, we are able to offer something completely unique.

I also design the MiaMia collection and see the process from sketch to production. However, this label is all made abroad. We do this to keep the productions separate and it allows us to hit a specific price point. The label has become incredibly popular over the last few years because it offers brides a couture quality dress at a competitive price point.

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What are the brand’s secrets to success?

I think that more and more brides are looking for a more artisan approach to bridal fashion and that’s exactly what we offer. Alongside this, we work extremely close with our retail partners. Many of them are our friends as we’ve worked with them for over 20 years.

We have always loved creative collaboration and we only work with photographers and models that we like. Due to this, we all have one collective mind and idea of what we are trying to create. Finally, I think the brand has been successful because of our focus on customer service. We like to work with our retailers in a way that gives them complete trust in us.

Can you tell us five interesting facts about the brand?

  • We have been designing and producing collections for nearly 30 years.
  • We have won a total of nine trade awards over the last 30 years.
  • We also design jewellery for the Highstreet store, Debenhams.
  • Alan Hannah dresses are all made in London.
  • Marguerite designs three diverse collections every year.

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What are the brands most popular designs?

This season we have had a really good response to our Poppy and Nikita gowns. Alongside this our MiaMia styles, Charity and Bailey have been favourites with our retailers. However, I think some of our iconic designs like Millie, Melita and our hand-painted dress Madrid will still look elegant and beautiful in 100 years.

Can you tell us about the new collection?

I am currently working on the new Alan Hannah collection in which I am experimenting with some delicate beadwork and embroidery to give a more ethereal feel. The new designs will be romantic, with a very soft mood.

When creating a new collection my starting point has always been fabric. I love to work freely, with each and every design evolving from my own imagination. Living in London, I am lucky to have a wealth of art and fashion on my doorstep, so this has a great influence on my process.

Minimum orders for Alan Hannah and MiaMia are six pieces per year, however, there are no minimum orders for Rita Mae.

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What’s next for the brand?

The new collections are underway and will be launched during White Gallery 2020. We also have a beautiful showroom here in North London which is home to all our collections and we are always happy to show our dresses to new and existing stockists. This is a good opportunity to meet us on a more personal level and also to have a behind the scenes look at the actual design and production process.

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