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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Charlie McCorry

Charlie McCorry, founder of Perfect 10 Black Label, is next up in our Wonder Woman series

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Charlie from Perfect 10 Black Label
Charlie from Perfect 10 Black Label

Charlie McCorry is an experienced therapist and cosmetologist who has experience working with high profile clientele, including royal families from across the globe and celebrities. In 2011, Charlie set up her Perfect 10 label, a mobile personal grooming, styling and wellness consultancy which delivers luxury treatments in the comfort of the customer’s home. In 2015, Charlie launched Perfect 10 Black Label, the elite membership division of the original brand.

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What inspired you to start Perfect 10 Black Label?

The inspiration for Perfect 10 Black Label stemmed from my initial investment in the ‘Urban Retreat Spa at Home’ franchise of Harrods Urban Retreat - I was the first franchisee. It was from here that I gained invaluable experience working with high profile clientele.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since starting the brand?

To always stay ahead of the trends in the industry. I try to ensure that I am always one step ahead with my knowledge of the latest beauty and business happenings from around the globe. It is also important to not worry too much about what other businesses are doing and to keep focused, whilst believing in your own brand!

Who are your most inspirational women?

Apart from my mum and Rosie Huntington Whitely, I have to say Tracey Woodward (CEO of Aromatherapy Associates). Tracey has been invaluable in both my personal and professional development as she has always given me the inspiration to take on even greater challenges.

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What’s your greatest achievement so far?

Firstly, gaining the trust and loyalty of various high profile clients and mentoring my team well enough to be able to travel the globe with these clients, to deliver a five star service. Winning contracts with world renowned luxury brands, hotels and private properties, in addition to organically growing my company in a world where investment is taking control, are both big achievements too.

What does your typical working day look like?

6am – My alarm goes off and I drink two large glasses of water, before showering and getting ready for the day ahead. As we are a 24 hour company, I spend some time looking through my emails which I have received overnight.

8am – I arrive at the Perfect 10 Black Label office and have breakfast.

8.30am – I conduct the Perfect 10 Black Label morning team meeting.

9.30am – I am usually out of the office at my meetings with hotels, brands and events. For example my meetings tomorrow consist of: The Rosewood Hotel, The Soho Hotel, The Nobu Hotel and a private yacht company. If one of my meetings happens to cancel then I hit the gym or join a body pump class!

7pm - Back to the office to recap on the day and open up some of the parcels I have received during the day from brands and press cuttings. I get sent lots of amazing new products to trial, so I will see what could fit our brand.

8pm – Finally I arrive home to the husband who thankfully is the most amazing cook!

5 Interesting Facts about Charlie:

  1. I have been a therapist for 15 years.
  2. I have travelled the world with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and also members of various royal families.
  3. I presented on QVC for 2 years for the iconic nail brand Essie.
  4. I won the Champion of Woman Award 2017 for Young Champion of the Year.
  5. I work with numerous charities including, Make A Wish Foundation, Maggie’s Centres and Strike Foundation.

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