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Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets

Custom jackets were an unexpected addition to wedding attire, but nevertheless, they have become one of the latest trends to influence bridal fashion

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Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets Trend Watch: Custom Bridal Jackets

With the rise of social media and influencers, it’s no surprise that many trends – including bridal fashion – are being set online. With a staggering 83% of wedding planning now done digitally, social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have become a main source of inspiration.

Custom bridal jackets are one of the latest trends to emerge from social media with celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West, Hailey Bieber and even Princess Eugenie endorsing it. A quick search on Instagram will reveal that there are over 9,000 posts on the hashtag #weddingjacket and a further 7,000 on #bridaljacket.

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So, what has made this trend so successful?

Custom bridal jackets really impacted the bridal fashion scene in 2019 but the trend has been slow growing for many years before this. Initially endorsed by cool and edgy brides looking for alternative bridal attire, the trend was seen as one for quirky women who dared to be different. However, more recently, the theme has been adopted by a range of different brides regardless of their wedding theme.

The success of this trend can be attributed to two main factors. Firstly, custom bridal jackets are a fantastic way for brides to add a little bit of personalisation to their big day. As they are usually one of a kind, brides can create their own messaging, meaning it becomes more meaningful to them on their wedding day.

Another benefit of custom bridal jackets is that they will suit any theme. Whether a bride is looking for a modern, rustic or vintage bridal look, these jackets can be incorporated into a bridal look in many different ways.

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For designers and retailers, the versatility of custom bridal jackets is something they can use to their advantage. Prominent designers such as Justin Alexander, Kenneth Winston, One Day Bridal and Savin London are among those who have already released their own version of their bridal jacket.

Furthermore, The White Closet in Manchester, Waxflower Bridal in Chepstow, The Wild Rose Boutique in Newry and White Lace and Butterflies in Buckinghamshire are only some of the retailers in the UK who have chosen to enhance their offering by stocking custom bridal jackets for their customers.

Amy Ahern, Owner of White Lace and Butterflies in Buckinghamshire said, “Here at White Lace and Butterflies we are constantly striving to provide our brides with the most up-to-date, fashion-forward looks for the modern-day bride. Bridal separates and add-ons are always a hit in the boutique - they allow the bride to express individuality, style and personality through the simplest of add-ons to the overall look. We absolutely love the idea of a ‘cool’ cover-up.”

“Feathers and fur stoles have been done for many years, the Moto biker bridal jacket, however, is a totally new story and our brides are loving it,” she adds.

“Winter weddings have that extra element of a chilly day, in which you often can’t brave the outdoors with bare shoulders - A bridal jacket can not only be the perfect thing to cover up and stay warm, it can also be a very fashion-forward compliment to your overall look. What we love about the Justin Alexander Signature cropped bridal Moto jacket is that you could potentially use it many times in the future by wearing later it to formal events.”

She finishes by saying, “There’s something sexy and unexpected about a Moto jacket juxtaposed with a feminine bridal gown making the vibe so effortlessly chic, since having the jacket teamed with our Stephanie Allin ‘Susannah, in the boutique window, The look has received so much attention, not only from passers-by but from our Instagram followers too.”

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