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Pinterest Bridal Trends 2019

Statistics taken from the 2019 Wedding Report by Pinterest Newsroom reveal the most popular bridal trends that brides-to-be are looking for

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40 million people turn to Pinterest each year for inspiration across their wedding planning journey. They tend to come to Pinterest before any other wedding planning site and use the platform to discover something new or look for ideas that might spark their interest. Throughout their user journey, they will then move into decision-making mode and use their favourite Pins to bring their vision to life.

Data collected by Pinterest revealed that the busiest planning months are January to March, with 81% of engaged ‘Pinners’ admitting they started pinning on Pinterest before they were even engaged.

So, what’s the first thing ‘Pinners’ start to think about? The dress, of course! Data taken from a recent Pinterest SEO report on ‘The top 100 search keywords on Pinterest’ revealed that the term ‘wedding dresses’ appeared ninth.

Additionally, the term ‘Wedding Dress’ alone has 1,049,234 followers on Pinterest and ‘Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns ‘and ‘Bridal Fashion’ has a further 365,612 followers combined. The 2019 Wedding Report by Pinterest revealed some of the most popular bridal trends. From embracing who you are to sustainable fashion, this is what brides-to-be are most interested in online.

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Embrace Who You Are

More and more brides are embracing their true selves and this is evident with the increase of search terms like ‘wedding dresses for curvy brides’ and ‘wedding lesbian suits.’ Brides are looking for wedding dresses that will represent them truthfully and with an increasing number of bridal brands showcasing a diversity of models, this is becoming a lot more accessible.

  • Wedding Dresses for Curvy Brides (+2113%)
  • Wedding Lesbian Suits (+1666%)

Marissa Rooney from Beautiful Brides Liverpool launched her own plus-size bridal boutique after working in the industry for many years. Realising the need for inclusion, not just accommodation, she opened her bridal shop in the hopes of helping curvier brides in their search for their dream dress.

“I’ve worked in the bridal industry for many years now and have seen first-hand the growing need for plus-size wedding dresses. Being a fuller woman myself, when I used to work in other boutiques curvier brides would see me and assume that the shop stocked plus-size dresses. Sadly this wasn’t always the case and many of those brides-to-be left disappointed.”

“After seeing this time after time and realising a gap in the market I decided to open my own shop. There are a growing number of plus-size brides-to-be who now have the confidence to go out and shop for their wedding dress and we need to accommodate this. Brides travel from all over the country to visit my store and this alone shows the growing need for plus-size wedding dresses.”

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Closer To Nature

Millennials are known to value experiences over things and as more people of this generation are starting to get married, we are seeing simple and minimal wedding ideas becoming more popular on Pinterest. Due to this, we have seen a rise in the number of outdoor weddings.

  • Back Garden Wedding (+441%)
  • Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony (+94%)
  • Small Beach Weddings (+511%)

So what does this mean for bridal retailers? By knowing these statics we can guess that more and more brides will be looking for wedding dresses that match their location, which means more sheath, strapless and bohemian gowns.

Sustainable Fashion

Millennials and Gen Z Pinners are twice as likely to care about sustainability than Pinners over 38, so it is no surprise that searches for sustainable wedding ideas have increased by 181%. These socially conscious brides are not only worrying about the typical dilemma’s such as veil or no veil but are also choosing between sustainable and non-sustainable fashion. Knowing this growing statistic, the bridal industry should keep this in mind for its future.

  • Searches for Sustainable Wedding Ideas (+181%)
  • Searches for Sustainable Fashion (+34%)

The search term ‘Ethical & Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas’ has 208,272 followers and ‘Ethical Wedding Dresses’ has a further 16,625 followers. These statistics expose the growing untapped market of sustainability and both designers and retailers should be embracing this.

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Most Popular Search Terms From Around The World

The 2019 Wedding Report by Pinterest Newsroom also disclosed the most popular search terms from brides all over the world, and although not a trend, can give us a fascinating insight into what brides in different countries are interested in.

  • Japan: Natural Wedding Dress
  • Germany: Wedding Dress for the Registry Office
  • France: Short Wedding Dress
  • US: Long Sleeve Wedding Dress
  • Australia: Simple Wedding Dress
  • UK: Beach Wedding Dress
  • Spain: Countryside Wedding Dress
  • Brazil: Outdoor Wedding Dress
  • Argentina: Wedding Dresses for your Figure
  • Mexico: Modern Civil Ceremony Wedding Dress

The report revealed that the most popular search term for brides in the UK was ‘Beach Wedding Dresses,’ which could suggest more interest in loosely woven lace gowns, relaxed embroidery, and sheer panels that give a simpler silhouette for a beachy feel.

Ocean Media’s consumer wedding brands,, Confetti magazine and The National Wedding Shows, teamed up to ask 6,600 brides and grooms about their wedding planning habits to find out more about weddings in 2019. Read the full report here.

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