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Exhibitors’ Views on the First Ever Co-located London Bridal Week and White Gallery

We caught up with exhibitors after the first ever London Bridal Week and White Gallery super-show, to find out how the co-location affected their experience 

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Eliza Jane Howell on the White Gallery catwalk
Eliza Jane Howell on the White Gallery catwalk

This year we merged London Bridal Week with White Gallery to create London’s biggest bridal trade super-show. Registration numbers were higher than ever before and we are delighted to hear that so many exhibitors enjoyed our co-located show.

We asked White Gallery exhibitors how the co-location with London Bridal Week affected their experience, and here’s what they said:

“Positively, the increased foot fall was an advantage”, Melanie Metcalfe, Creative Director at Miranda Templeton.

“It created more excitement, and a bigger show”, Joshua Grimes, Sales Manager at THEIA.

“The show felt busier, there was more of a reason to visit”, Rosanna Garden, Director at Motee Maids.

Here’s how exhibitors at London Bridal Week were affected by the co-location with White Gallery:

“Positively, it can only make things easier for shops now the two are at the same time”, Ben Allen from Richard Designs.

“It was a good idea to locate them in one place, more people knew about the exhibition and visited both”, Director at Wedding Corporation Milla Nova.

“Very good, it was nice to have both events in one place”, Jessica, Manager at Deer Hobbes.

“It’s better all under one roof, I prefer it this way”, Kirti Patel, Director at Natraj.

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