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The Posh Frock Shop: A Review

Our Group Content Editor sat down to watch the debut episode of Ian Stuart’s new TV programme, the Posh Frock Shop

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The Posh Frock Shop is on at 5.30pm on Channel 4
The Posh Frock Shop is on at 5.30pm on Channel 4

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to watch the Posh Frock Shop (5.30pm, Channel 4). I’ve known Ian Stuart as a leading figure in the bridal industry for years and years, and to be honest, I can’t believe it’s taken this long to make a TV show about him and his iconic shop!

Watch the trailer here.

The introduction sets you up for a programme that promises to be dramatic (could it be anything else?!) and emotional in equal parts – after all, we all know finding a wedding dress doesn’t come without a few tears and sometimes, tantrums. Usually on the bride’s part…

First up, Ian welcomes bride-to-be Sassy into his store. She arrives with her family, including her mum, her best friend and her outspoken sister, Jordan, who Sassy reveals knows her style better than anyone. She also arrives with her service dog, as Sassy is blind.

Finding the perfect dress without being able to see it is a challenge most of us can only imagine – but Ian handled it perfectly. He was helpful and supportive and used his expert knowledge to help Sassy to find gowns that would feel amazing to her and make her feel like a princess.

I adored Sassy and her family and loved watching her experience with Ian. It was totally heart-warming and encouraging to see the show start with such a positive vibe.

You also meet Ian’s team – Boutique Manager Carrelyn, who is a pro at the expressive looks every documentary needs, and Trainee Assistant Craig, whose clumsy ways lead to the drama I was anticipating. He mishandles a £1,000 mannequin, resulting in a damaged face (hers, not his) and a tense stand-off between the team members.

Next up through the doors of Blewcoat was a teenage beauty queen and her opinionated mum, who has worked as a fashion buyer and certainly ruffles Ian’s feathers. I couldn’t help but laugh when Ian snaps at the mum commenting on the poor fit of the size 12 sample gown, and again when Ian later reflects on his response direct to camera. I’m sure it’s a moment many retailers will identify with.

There was a great balance of the heart-warming moments and infrequent frustrations that come with running a bridal boutique, and I’m already looking forward to episode two. The only thing that really surprised me was the prices of the gowns being shown on screen. What did you think? Comment below, as we’d love to hear your views!

You can read our interview with Ian Stuart here.

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