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Retail Focus: The Bridal Lounge

Sara Jones, owner of The Bridal Lounge in Cheshire gives us an insight into her successful boutique

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Can you tell us more about how you came to own The Bridal Lounge?

Before getting into bridal, I was a retail director for the jewellery chain store, Pandora. With that job I was always travelling all over the country, meaning I was constantly away for days at a time. This wasn’t really for me, and with my husband’s help and support, I decided to change my lifestyle.

At this time, The Bridal Lounge was owned and run by my sister-in-law and I had often enjoyed helping her out with projects. I admired what she did and when Sam decided she was ready for a change, I happily agreed to buy the business from her.

How would you describe your shop?

A little place of happiness.

When designing your shop, did you employ an interior designer?

No, I actually did this myself. I studied interior design as this was my dream job, so I had all the knowledge to do this myself, I’ve always loved interiors and it’s now one of my hobbies.

What were the first collections that you took on?

The boutique was already trading with Sophia Tolli and Allure Bridals when I joined, so I stayed with those brands as they were well-liked by the brides in our area.

Which labels do you carry now? And what about them appeals to you best?

We have built really strong relationships with both of these designers over the years. There have been some rocky patches, just like with any business relationship, but these brands have always been great to work with. Sophia Tolli are really helpful and supportive with anything we need. Allure are very engaged with me and my business and they are also very flexible, which is very refreshing.

You are obviously passionate about bridal. As a retailer, what are the things that give you the most pleasure?

It’s those “yes” moments - you see those eyes, that smile and the mum’s face, it really lifts your heart.

By the same token, what do you find frustrating about retailing today?

When brides do all of the above and then you hear the “I need to think about it” line, or even worse “it’s a contender”- I wish the women of today would learn to be strong and trust their judgements.

What is the average spend on a wedding gown in your boutique?


What are your views on extending opening hours?

It’s about that balance again, I’m happy to start later and open later.

Do you stock other products, and how do these sell?

Along with bridal gowns we also stock veils and other accessories. These both do very well and we even offer bespoke veils which are a great selling point for us as it keeps our brides coming back after their dress arrives.

What do you see as being the next big trend?

Wedding dresses that are barely there in lightness with sparkle. Dreamy styles with corset effects and full flowing skirts that pool. Sleeves are a still being constantly requested too.

Where would you like your business to be ten years from now?

I’m in a very enviable position of probably retiring before my next 10 years is up, so the boutique will either be sold or someone else from our family will be owning or managing it.

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