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What Makes a Modern Bride?

Immediate Media’s Wedding Network teamed up to find out what makes a 21st century bride – read on to find out who’s coming to your stores

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Survey findings have revealed the habits of the average bride and groom
Survey findings have revealed the habits of the average bride and groom

The Wedding Network at Immediate Media – made up of, the UK’s most popular wedding planning website, You & Your Wedding and Perfect Wedding – surveyed over 4,000 brides to find out what today’s brides do in order to plan their big day.

We’ve seen the findings and had to share them with you – read on to find out more about your typical customer.

What’s in the Budget?

We all know weddings are expensive, but the average cost of a wedding has shot up in recent years – couples now have on average £27,161 to spend on their wedding. The top five things that couples are spending on are as follows:

  • Venue hire
  • Honeymoon
  • Catering
  • The engagement ring
  • Drinks

How Old is the Average Bride?

The typical UK bride is 31 when she gets married and her partner is 33. They will have been together for approximately four years before getting engaged and will spend 12 months planning their wedding – with 50% of brides doing most of the planning.

Finding the Dress

Brides tend to visit three boutiques before finding the one – so find out how you can make your offering stand out. Brides are spending £1,209 in bridal boutiques. They also have three bridesmaids to dress and three groomsmen too – but nearly a quarter of brides had five or more attendants in their bridal party.
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