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How to Create a Great Summer Window Display

We talk to different award-winning boutiques to get their top tips on how to construct a summer window display to draw in customers.

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Summer Window Display by The White Collection
Summer Window Display by The White Collection

To us, the window display of the boutique is essential because it’s the first thing that customers see, and therefore their first judgement on your business. Most people do judge a book by its cover and the window display is your cover, so make sure it really reflects the quality of your business.

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Creating a summer window display poses a challenge for many boutiques because owners have to design something light and colourful, whilst maintaining a sense of sophistication and beauty. Additionally, your summer window display should be alluring enough to attract customers but it shouldn’t take the attention away from the main product - the dresses.

The summer window display can be the perfect way to show off your gowns and draw in customers, especially when considering that summer is the most popular time of the year to get married. To find out about creating a great summer window display, we talked with some amazing boutiques who are finalists in this year’s Bridal Buyer awards for the In-store Design category.

Why is the window display so important?

Elisa Belle Bridal told us “The shop window is the business card to the shop for passers-by, a crucial tool for social media and the all-important first impression for brides-to-be arriving to attend their first appointment.”

Highlighting the aesthetic of the shop in the age of social media is very important. Having a strong social media presence is important for a successful bridal boutique and the summer window display can be used to show the boutique off online and attract customers. Many boutiques share their summer window display to show off their brand and build up their online persona.

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They continue to emphasise the importance of the display for the bride-to-be’s experience, saying “Create a stunning backdrop to showcase the most beautiful wedding gowns within a setting of summer colour. Brides then have an opportunity to imagine their wedding gowns in a summer surrounding - be that with country florals or elegant greenery.”

The summer display shows the client how the dresses fit in with their theme and colour scheme so they can envision their summer wedding before they even enter the boutique. It’s important to create a full experience for the bride and remember that it’s not just about the dress because they have to be able to see themselves walking down the aisle on their big day.

How do you construct an aesthetic for the window display?

For this, we got in contact with The Bottom Drawer Bridal Boutique and they said “For summer I like to try and make my window display as bright, colourful and as eye catching as I can get. In August, King’s Lynn has their Pride parade which gives me a perfect summer theme. Last summer I dressed my gowns in the window with rainbow ribbon and this year’s plan is a bright rainbow coloured balloon installation to catch the eye of the fabulous parade when it comes past the boutique.”

It’s great for boutiques to get involved in the culture and goings-on of the town they’re in and use that to build their business persona as significant in their surroundings. It’s important to keep the display light-hearted and pretty but also to show the core values of the business. Making sure that the display is in keeping with the atmosphere of the location is important as it adds a sense of community.

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The White Collection Portishead gave us the advice “Have fun, be original and get involved with your local ’Britain in Bloom’ group to support your local town and add some colour to the front of your gorgeous summery shop!”

‘Britain in Bloom’ is a great tool for businesses to use when constructing their display as it helps both the local community and the boutique in particular to make something truly beautiful. Originality is key for the window display because it needs to be something that truly represents your brand and shows the customers your unique selling point which marks you out from other bridal boutiques.

The most important thing is really to inject some creativity and fun into your designing of the window display. If you take it as a fun design activity, it’s more likely to show the personality of your business.

Our five top tips for your summer window display

  1. Create something that catches the eye to draw people in.
  2. Focus on staying on brand and clearly representing what you offer to your clients.
  3. Make it something unique and appropriate to your location.
  4. Don’t distract from the dresses because, just like the bride, they are the star of the show.
  5. Remember that it’s a bridal boutique and keep it romantic, fun and beautiful.

Want more top tips for an amazing window display? Make sure you read our guide from expert window-dresser, Lucy Banks from Spire Vintage.

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