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Improving Your Social Media Strategy

Digital expert Warren Knight explains how you can improve your social media strategy ahead of his seminar at the Bridal Retail Success Academy

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Warren Knight, digital expert
Warren Knight, digital expert

Did you know on average, people access Facebook eight times a day? The power of Facebook is clear – it has the largest social network usage and is definitely worth the effort for you as a retailer. Here are a number of ways you can utilise Facebook for your bridal business.

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Facebook Pages

Whilst Facebook Pages have not been an amazing visitor, lead or revenue driver over the last few years, having a Facebook Page for your business does help to build trust online. It gives your audience a place to interact with you.

Here are five of my top tips to help you maximise your success using Facebook Pages.

1. Use Your ‘Real’ Facebook Account

When creating your Facebook Page, make sure you use your personal account. The issue with creating a ‘dummy’ account is that it is against Facebook’s terms of service and because of this, they can shut you down.

2. Have a Cover Photo

Use your cover photo to showcase your bridal business. Use Canva – a website to help you make stylish social media posts – to help you get the perfect dimensions and create a professional, engaging image. Facebook now has a feature where you can add a call-to-action (CTA) button to the cover photo area, too.

There are several options, including ‘shop now’ and ‘sign up’. Make sure you utilise this and choose the CTA that is most relevant.

3. Use Descriptions and Links

When adding images to your page, make sure you add a detailed description and a CTA link so that your audience can take action.

4. Facebook Page Tabs

If you go to the Facebook App Centre you will find a selection of apps that you can add to your Facebook page as a tab to help promote your bridal business.

5. Pinning Posts

Do you ‘pin’ your important posts to the top of your page? As time lines are designed in chronological order, your most recent post will sit at the top of your timeline unless you manually change this. To do this, pin a post to the top of your page. You can pin one post at a time and when you do this, make it a post that talks about an offer, upcoming event or an announcement.

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Facebook Groups

What I’ve realised over the last year and a half is how important Facebook Groups are. I have created a private members’ group with entrepreneurs who have supported me – this group has changed the way I look at Facebook and, more importantly, it has allowed me to build a community of engaged, targeted customers.

A great feature inside groups is being able to upload documents so that everyone has access to them. I encourage my audience to upload blogs and PDFs around their business to get feedback from me and other group members.

Facebook Live Streaming

Did you know that people spend three times longer watching a video which is live compared to a video which is no longer live?

Facebook launched Facebook Live in May 2016, and whilst there was some scepticism in the beginning, the importance of the feature has not gone unnoticed.

Facebook Live is an amazing way to connect with your target audience through the power of not only video, but live video.

When using Facebook Live, you need to remember that you are live, so preparation is key. You also need to encourage a two-way live conversation by inviting them to join you in real time.

Finally, acknowledge everyone watching; you can see every single person who joins your live stream – when they do, acknowledge them.

Watch Warren’s video on the three secrets to social media success below:

You can see Warren hosting his seminar ‘Social Media Strategy for Bridal Businesses’ at 4pm on Monday 26th March as part of the Bridal Retail Success Academy. Register for London Bridal Week now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Want more social media advice? Read this guide to making the most of social media for your business.

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