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Seven Bridal Brands Share Their Trend Predictions For 2020

Seven industry experts from leading bridal brands predict what they think will be popular in bridal fashion in 2020

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Ronald Joyce

“Currently, we are seeing more of our brides opting for plainer designs, rather than full lace. In fact, Dafne, which is a simple mikado ballgown, was our bestseller at The Harrogate Bridal Show this year. Due to this, we predict that minimalist designs will be popular in 2020.” Veni Infantino, Designer

Catherine Deane

“Spring/Summer 2020 is going to be an exciting time for bridal. Expect combinations of metallic and glitter detailing added to sheer fabrics, which will have more of a subtle sultriness than the traditional sweetness associated with a little sparkle. 2020 will find the perfect space between maximalist and minimalist by balancing the ornamental features with simple and classic silhouettes.” Maria Christina Papasavva, PR & Marketing Manager


“We think there will be two main trends in 2020 – sleeves and off-white! Lace sleeves can be done in so many different ways to highlight a bride’s personality and this will make it very popular. A sheer sleeve can also add to a dress by helping it match the season or venue without adding too much weight to the look. Additionally, off-white will be popular with brides. There’s just something so romantic about a wedding dress that’s not crispy white, and this is evident in our Wtoo Dinah and Silvey gowns. We also think glowing shades of nude and blush will be on-trend too.” Michelle Cusator, Marketing & PR Manager

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Elbeth Gills

“Classic understated gowns in silks and mikado satin will make a big comeback in 2020. Dresses will be simple with minimal but dramatic details – like statement bows and illusion inserts to add a modern twist.” Elbeth Gillis, Designer

Bianco Evento

“In the build-up to 2020, we have seen trends change from more traditional gowns to cleaner lines and simpler fabric. Classic A-line gowns made of satin with small, delicate details are very on-trend for 2020. Alongside this, trends for accessories indicate an increase in subtle, detailed veils made of modern glitter tulle, combined with beautiful headbands, modern satin block heel pumps and smaller petticoats. Overall, a clean modern minimalist look that stands the test of time.” Josie Fenwicke, Marketing Manager UK

Sydney’ s Closet

“In 2020, brides will continue to fall in love with the minimalist look, opting for wedding dresses with few, or no embellishments. Just because a bridal gown is simple and streamlined, it doesn’t have to be plain! The fashion impact comes from sophisticated style lines that create an elegant design when sewn in romantic fabrics like lace, satin and organza. Best of all, the clean slate lets a bride opt for accessories that put her unique fashion personality on a gown. She can then dress the gown up or down, depending on the formality of her wedding.” Phyllis Brasch Librach, designer of Michelle Bridal by Sydney’s Closet

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Eliza & Ethan

2020 is going to see a growing demand for 3D floral lace! This delicate feminine detailing was very popular for us last year, and we are now seeing a growing trend with more brides looking for it. Alongside this, capes and detachable skirts are going to be as popular as ever. We will be featuring these in our new collection and will also be giving some of our past designs a slight upgrade to adhere to this.” Louise Salih, Multi-brand Sales Agency for Eliza & Ethan

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