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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Nova Reid

Award winning Nova Reid is next up in our Wonder Woman Wednesday series

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Multi-award winning blogger, Nova Reid
Multi-award winning blogger, Nova Reid

Through her multi-award winning blog, the inspirational Nova Reid works to increase diversity within our industry. You might have seen Nova talk at our Bridal Retail Success Academy at London Bridal Fashion Week 2018, or her previous interview with Bridal Buyer. We think Nova’s work is invaluable and she is very much deserving of our Wonder Woman title.

What inspired you to start your business?

That’s easy. My own engagement and the lack of diversity and race representation in the wedding industry. As a woman who is black, when planning my wedding I felt invisible and I did not want other women or couples to feel the same way I did, so started Nu Bride on New Year’s Day 2012 - just two months after my own engagement.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started your blog?

  1. Do not align your self-worth to your business success.
  2. If you’re onto something good, be prepared to be copied and be prepared to be trolled. And then use the copying to motivate you to raise your game.
  3. Not everyone will get your vibe and that’s OK - seek to inspire and inform those that do.
  4. Always be kinder than you feel - this is my mantra.

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Who are your most inspirational women?

Oh well it has to be the legend that is Oprah Winfrey - one day I hope to meet her. I love everything she stands for and what she has accomplished in the face of abuse and adversity. She is a remarkable example of how you can turn things around and use your story and experience to be the core of your business and beyond.

Also my mum - she is a strong and selfless woman and an epic baker and cook - she decided to follow her dreams and started her own business when everyone else expected her to retire!

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What’s your greatest achievement so far?

Starting to make a difference to diversity and race representation. Also being nominated as a Positive Role Model for the work I have been doing to bring race equality into the wedding industry at the prestigious 2018 National Diversity Awards.

What does your typical working day look like?

Define typical. It is so varied!

I have three arms to my business; Nu Bride and Diversity Consultancy which go hand in hand and I am also a professional therapist and provide wellbeing mentoring.

It can range from a very boring day of admin and invoicing, to copywriting and editing Nu Bride, to attending press events from London to the Caribbean. My day can even include training the staff at luxury hotels on how to be more inclusive and representative of wedding couples.

I sometimes speak at events on diversity matters or how to live your purpose - which has taken me to places including Cyprus this year.

Other days I host self-care retreats to help women eliminate stress and burnout. Or more recently, I was invited to take part in a documentary and to be live at the Royal Wedding with the BBC and Sky News.

I told you. Varied. I am never bored that’s for sure!

The thing I take most joy from, is being able to speak at events and inspire others to make positive change in their business and personal lives. Nothing beats that.

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5 Interesting Facts About Nova:

  1. My name means ‘new’.
  2. I love Japanese food.
  3. But I hate marmite.
  4. I used to be a professional actress and singer and used to sing with Beverley Knight.
  5. I have a slight addiction with designer shoes - my husband says it’s a problem!

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