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Leading Bridal Experts Share Their Royal Wedding Views

Leading experts from the bridal industry have shared their views on the royal wedding – from Meghan Markle’s choice of wedding dress to the impact it will have on weddings in the future.

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Meghan and Harry, Royal Wedding Official Photography
Meghan and Harry, Royal Wedding Official Photography

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

British bridalwear designer Charlie Brear had the following to say about Meghan Markle’s stunning, bateau-neckline wedding dress: “I was so happy that Meghan had chosen something pared back, I thought she looked beautiful, very appropriate and pretty much what I expected although I was very surprised that it was a Givenchy design. I’d describe her chosen look and style as minimal, modern, timeless.”


Rosanna Garden of Motee Maids agreed with Charlie’s view: “Meghan’s look was exactly as anticipated; contemporary but regal and very her. She is a fan of clean lines and well cut tailoring and I loved that she went with an unadorned structured fabric which made it feel very modern. The off the shoulder neckline and embroidered veil added a softness and romance.”


Johnny Roxburgh is a royal party planner with plenty of experience getting up close with the royals, and he was utterly dazzled by Meghan’s bridal gown: “She looked simply ravishing. Calm and with an amazing radiance. The overall look was supremely elegant. The fabric didn’t crush and had a simplicity which contrasted so well with the grand chapel and yet managed to look regal. The effect was superb, simple, classic with a real Audrey Hepburn glamour.”


Meghan’s Bridal Beauty Look

Lotte Martin, Curator at the Wedding Gallery, was pleased to see Meghan didn’t stray too far from the beauty look she is most comfortable with: “Meghan’s hair complemented the dress, veil and tiara beautifully and her makeup was perfectly balanced. She looked fresh and not too made up, but the slightly darker eyes meant that she stayed true to her usual style.”


Charlie Brear was similarly pleased with Meghan’s bridal beauty choices, noting particularly how her hairstyle worked perfectly with her gown: “I loved both Meghan’s hair and makeup. If the neckline of the gown is high, hair needs to be up! Her makeup was spot on; natural and expensive looking.”


The Flowergirls and Pageboys

Of course, all eyes were mostly on Harry and Meghan at their wedding, but their adorable tiny entourage definitely came close to stealing the show. Whether it was Princess Charlotte poking out her tongue as she arrived, or the gap-toothed pageboy grinning as he got to grips with the veil, everyone was won over by them.


“The bridesmaids and pageboys were enchanting and to have two identical twins carrying her train was genius, especially the one with missing teeth!” Commented Johnny Roxburgh. Wedding Gallery Curator Lotte Martin predicts a trend forming from their looks: “I am sure the little flower crowns will now continue to be popular.”

Doria Ragland: Mother of the Bride


It’s fair to say we all fell a little bit in love with Doria Ragland during the royal wedding – she was composed and elegant, and we were all charmed by how she sat alone and watched her daughter with such a look of wonder on her face.


Her choice of outfit was particularly popular with Rosanna Garden from Motee Maids: “The pistachio colour was perfect and the hem embroidery which is so distinctive to Oscar de la Renta brought it to another level.”


Lotte Martin also approved of Doria’s sartorial choices: “Demure, classic and elegant. Nicely chosen as she looked incredibly well turned out but allowed her daughter to shine.”


Guest Fashion

What do you wear to a royal wedding? The guests’ choices definitely got our experts’ attention. Sophia Blunt, Carey Mulligan, Amal Clooney and the cast of Suits stood out for Charlie Brear, whilst Rosanna Garden favoured Oprah’s pastel pink Stella McCartney look and Lady Kitty Spencer’s Dolce & Gabbana look.


Amal Clooney was a popular pick for a lot of people – including the team at Bridal Buyer. “Amal Clooney in Stella McCartney was just stunning,” Lotte Martin agrees. Johnny Roxburgh also noted the colour of Amal’s guest attire as being a particular highlight for him – we love how it was subtly complemented by George Clooney’s pale yellow accessories.


The Impact on 2019 Weddings

Of course, the Meghan effect is already in full swing, but how do the experts see this translating into weddings in the years to come?


“The dress was so classic that there are already dresses out there with a very similar look and feel so I think what we will see is heavy embellishment, lace and frothy tulle perhaps becoming less popular. Brides to be like to be ’individual’ and do their own thing but the influence of such a global image will definitely have an impact in a very subtle way,” explains Charlie Brear.


Johnny Roxburgh can see the floral choices having a lasting impact, as well as Meghan’s bold choice to walk alone: “The flowers at the door will be sought after. The possibility of a bride walking down the aisle on her own. The music and of course the dress. That simple look will be hugely popular. Whilst it won’t work for every figure where it does it will be a huge success.”


Lotte Martin is hopeful that tiaras will have their moment to shine again: “I think the tiara will now continue to rise in popularity. It has been on the rise already, but Meghan made it look very natural and not over the top so I think that will encourage more girls to wear one. The flowers were already very on trend so I think that this soft, unstructured look will continue to be popular for longer than it may have been otherwise.”


For more Meghan Markle news, make sure you check out the original sketches of her wedding dress.

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