An Interview with Wendy Rivera

Wendy Rivera is a bridal industry expert and the creator of Do You Speak Bride, the leading bridal education and retailer consultation organisation in the USA

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Wendy Rivera of 'Do You Speak Bride'
Wendy Rivera of 'Do You Speak Bride'

Wendy will be sharing her expertise in two fantastic sessions at this year’s London Bridal Week and White Gallery…here we find out a some of her top tips for boutiques.

Why is learning so important for retailers?

There is an old saying that goes, “When you stop learning you die,” and it is never more true than in the arena of bridal! Over the past few years, the wedding industry has changed in an ever-quickening rate, and only those who move beyond the walls of their own shop to learn, grow, innovate, and get ahead of the curve will thrive!

As small business owners, we wear multiple hats, and can experience burn-out whilst trying to know in which directions to put our time, sweat and energy. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, but knowing what to spend time on is vital information to have!

Therefore, it is vital to your business to come out, get clarity on how to move your bridal business forward and avoid the time-wasting activities! Learning to understand our customer, our industry, our staff, and our own personal messaging is vital to moving Wendy Rivera forward confidently and powerfully!

Do you have any top business tips to share?

The shops that shoot the highest are those that are always on the hunt to hear new info, be refreshed with new ideas and be encouraged by others who work in the same field that they do every day.

They find new ways to get their message out, and hear the most effective ways that other strong boutiques are grabbing traffic, closing sales, and creating momentum, even in a slow time of year!

There is always something to learn — and the stronger the shop, the more education they will seek out! One thing that is so vital, is that the education must come from those who have done the skill!

What I see many times at different educational events is that they bring someone in to teach who has never actually owned or worked in a bridal boutique! And working with brides is working with an entirely unique customer that no other retail models truly can identify with or understand.

Learning is important, but we have to be careful who we are learning from!

Can you reveal a little about your seminar?

I will be really zoning in on the best marketing strategies for today’s boutiques! There are a thousand places to spend money that promise us that they will bring more brides to our businesses, but which ones actually work — AND what can you create that is unique to YOUR boutique?!

I will be covering the most effective ways to reach the most brides, and to reach the right brides for your business! From strategies for email marketing campaigns, Facebook Live Dos and Don’ts, Instagram secrets, events, networking time-wasters and money-makers, finding your unique voice, and more!

After I speak, I can’t wait to chat with shops who attend and answer even more of their specific questions.

What are bridal retailers’ most common mistakes?

The most common mistake that I see is people spending too much time on Facebook, on forums, on other social media, and not enough time focusing on their own strengths and truly digging into their business!

As boutique owners, we are each unique, and we must focus our attentions on how, why, and where we are strong, empower our staff by spending time next to them, build traffic by understanding our unique message and getting it out! Forget your competition, and run your race strong!

Don’t worry about the other guy; analyse, prioritize, and incentivize your own business, and you will be amazed at the difference!

Don’t miss Wendy’s Bridal Retail Success Academy seminars: Sunday 25th March, 17:00 and Monday 26th March, 09.00 - The Marketing Strategy of the Great Bridal Customer Win-Back. Make sure you register to guarantee attendance to London Bridal Week.

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