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Corporate Christmas Cards: What to Consider

We asked Ananya Cards to explain what you need to consider when sending corporate Christmas cards to your customers

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Corporate Christmas card ideas for your bridal clients
Corporate Christmas card ideas for your bridal clients

It is important to send Christmas cards to your bridal customers (potential and actual brides). It is the season to be jolly, so why not show your brides how much you appreciate them by sending them a card. It shows that you are thinking of them.

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In terms of design, there are various options explains the team at Ananya Cards.

As presumably you will know the marriage date of your brides, you could send a card with a playful message on the front saying ‘Next Christmas You’ll Be Married’ or ‘Next Christmas you will be Mr & Mrs’. A lovely Christmas keepsake.

If your brides have already got married earlier on in the year, you could have festive wording on the front of the card such as ‘We wish you a Married Christmas’, ‘It’s a very married Christmas’ or ‘Married and Bright.’

Personalisation at this time of the year is particularly important so try and make it as personal as possible - in terms of your wording and design. You could have the bride’s name printed on the invitation, for example. Why not use your Christmas cards to promote a seasonal sale or offer to your clients?

Essentially, you want a strong memorable design. It could be a picture of your lovely dresses - a collection or the actual dress that your bride has chosen to make it extra personal.

In terms of fonts, you could have a modern calligraphy style font which has been very popular at 2017 weddings. In terms of wording, if you prefer not to use the wording ‘Merry Christmas’, particularly if the bride is of a different faith, you may prefer to use ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’. You could also simply thank your brides for their business and wish them a Happy New Year.

Winter whites, silvers and sparkles would all look wonderful for your Christmas card designs. You could incorporate your logo colour into the design. For example, a ‘Tiffany Blue’ would look pretty and on brand if that is one of your corporate colours.

You could also use a charity card and make a donation to charity. You get the opportunity to give back and help raise valuable funds for charities, allowing them to continue with their essential work. Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly important and something that brides may appreciate, especially as the wedding industry can sometimes be perceived as an ‘extravagant’ industry.

When you choose the design of your Christmas card, it is important to remember to have a style that will appeal to your target bride, whilst keeping on brand.

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