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My Diary: Justine Sellman, UK Sales Manager for Eddy K

Here’s how Justine Sellman, UK Sales Manager for Eddy K spends her working day.

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Justine Sellman, UK Sales Manager for Eddy K
Justine Sellman, UK Sales Manager for Eddy K

Justine Sellman is the UK Sales Manager for the Italian designer wedding gown manufacturer and supplier, Eddy K. Her experience in the bridal industry started when she was only 15 after her mum opened her own bridal business. Now, many years later Justine finds herself working for one of the top Italian wedding dress brands, alongside twin sister Louise, all to the approval of their mum.

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My Typical Morning…

I am most definitely a morning person, although my partner Martin always jokes about how much I love my extra 10 minutes of slumber before I get up and start the day. I do love my extra few minutes but once I’m up I’ve got boundless energy!

My morning routine is like clockwork. The alarm goes off at 7am and after I have my 10 whole minutes of slumber I usually get up and feed the dog, who’s eagerly waiting for his breakfast. Then I’ll turn on my laptop, make the coffee and do my morning exercises. After this, I do the school run, shower and glam up and then I’m ready to hit the bridal world.

I usually work from home, so my normal start time is around 8:45am and when I log in there are usually orders from the head office in Milan that I need to email to my stockists. When I’m not doing this I am usually cold calling new boutiques, sending images and building up new contacts or just generally creating more awareness of the fabulous Eddy K brand.

When I’m not working from home I am usually on the road travelling to see boutiques with a car full of Eddy K samples and photobooks. A typical morning on the road for me consists of a quick morning phone call with my twin sister Louise who also works for the brand.

During this call we plan the day ahead and work on following up any new enquiries we’ve had, then we will plan new strategies and discuss which new boutiques in which areas that we need to target next.

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My Typical Afternoon…

Again, my typical afternoon varies depending on if I’m working from home or on the road. If I am on the road, I’ll be either driving to another appointment to squeeze one more visit into the day and if I’m at home I’ll start to prepare dinner for the household and carry on working at my desk.

I try my best to have lunch but this doesn’t always happen. As my diary is dictated by the boutiques and when they can see me in between fittings sometimes lunch is skipped. When I do get a chance to eat lunch it will usually be something healthy like a salad or sandwich and some fruit.

However, when I’m working from home I’ll usually give my dog his second walk of the day during my lunch break. I love this time as it gives me a break and I can enjoy some fresh air.

My work day doesn’t really stop or finish. When I get from being on the road I’ll usually still be on my emails and I’ll also be on social media sites like Instagram engaging with shops.

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My Typical Evening…

A typical evening for me is usually sitting down for dinner with the boys and talking about our days. After I have my glass of wine we’ll take the dog for his third walk into Harrogate so we can walk off all our food and then we’ll come home, switch on the TV, and watch something that will make us all laugh.

I usually head up to bed at about 11pm so I can hog the bathroom. I enjoy this time as I can take my make up off, scrape my hair back and do my cleansing, serum and moisturising routine without being interrupted.

When it comes to switching off in the evening Trinny Woodhall on Instagram is a great help. I am addicted to watching her live feeds. She’s hilarious but she’s also full of great tips for makeup, the best products for your face and of course a good fashion tip, which is invaluable.

As I am always away travelling with work, I have the skill of being a great sleeper. As long as I have a good pillow then I’m out like a light. At home, I literally fall asleep in seconds and I always remember my dreams. We lost our dog a year ago and I dream of her face and her cuddling me so I always wake up feeling good that I’ve seen her again.

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The Best Part of My Day…

I have two! I love my mornings as I always wake up in a good mood and I’m excited to start work but I also love my evenings and climbing into bed, talking about the day and having a little re-cap with Martin.

I don’t think I would change anything about my day. I’m not really ones of those people who say “should have, would have, could have” so going back and changing something doesn’t really appeal to me. If something good happened that day I’ll remember it and use as part of my repertoire, or if it’s bad, I’ll forget it move on.

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