Our Catch Up with Helen Moore

We spent five minutes with Helen Moore to find out a little more about this brand ahead of The Harrogate Bridal Show

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Stunning fax fur design by Helen Moore
Stunning fax fur design by Helen Moore

Can you give us a quick history of Helen Moore?

Helen Moore is a leading designer and maker of faux fur home and fashion accessories in the UK. The brand has gone from strength to strength and the focus has moved from concentrating on luxurious products for the home to high-end, fashion–forward designs.

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It became clear to us that there was a real demand for bespoke pieces from brides, the wedding party and guests. We were constantly asked to make something really special and individual, so we have created a collection based on the most popular of these designs. That doesn’t mean we have given up on bespoke pieces, quite the reverse, as we’re always delighted to make something especially for a customer.

What’s the signature style of your brand?

Attention to detail is of paramount importance to us. We specialise in beautifully made pieces, which are hand finished. We use the finest faux furs, which are incredibly soft and tactile and add texture and warmth to wedding styling.

Also, everything in the collection is made in England.

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What we can expect from your latest collection?

Many of this season’s designs have been inspired by genuine vintage pieces, but they have been given a contemporary twist, so that the cut and style is just right. The designs have all been created to make the most of the way that the faux fur moves and falls when worn. Colour has also been key as we have included some pale ethereal greys, natural truffle tones and soft pinks.

We also have a fully co-ordinated children’s collection which mirrors the main pieces from the wedding collection.

What are your most popular styles?

Brides are often concerned that they may be cold, but don’t want to cover up too much. The dress is the star of the show after all, so we have found that stoles and wraps have been among our most popular designs.

For a true winter wedding the short faux fur jacket does look amazing!

What are your trend predictions for Harrogate?

We predict that separates and exciting new combinations will be big which is good news for us as that gives even more scope for us to create the perfect accessory.

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How many stockists do you have?

We are launching our Wedding Collection at The Harrogate Bridal Show.

We currently supply a handful of bridal boutiques in the UK and supply Anthropologie’s bridal website BHLDN in USA.

We also sell the collection on our consumer website helenmoore.com

Why is The Harrogate Bridal Show so special for you?

Harrogate is special for us because it brings us into contact with customers from the entire UK rather than being purely focused on London. So, we are really excited to meet new retailers and extend the reputation of our brand.

If you think ‘bridal show’, you think of The Harrogate Bridal Show.

Also, Harrogate is such a beautiful place!

And where can we find you at Harrogate?

Find us on stand number Q24 – we’d love to see you!

Contact Helen Moore here.

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