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My Diary: Maria Kelly of The Confetti Box Bridal Centre

Bridalwear shop owner Maria Kelly has been running The Confetti Box Bridal Centre since August 1988. Find out more about her typical day here

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Maria Kelly Bridal Retailer
Maria Kelly Bridal Retailer

Maria Kelly has been running The Confetti Box Bridal Centre in Eccles, Manchester, for 30 years. Before this she was working in management at a large bridal chain, meaning she has been in the industry for over three decades.

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My Typical Morning…

I am not a morning person, but thank god my lovely husband is. He wakes me up each morning with a cooked breakfast on a tray (I know, I am spoiled).

My husband and I work together so we arrive at the shop by 9.30am, as the store opens at 10am. Our grown daughters are already in, along with the rest of my staff, making sure that everything is ready and straight for a new day of appointments.

My typical morning consists of quick meeting or brief before opening to make sure that everybody is on the same page and knows who and what is happening that day.

My Typical Afternoon…

For ever, my lunch has been at my desk. I would not know what to do with an hour’s lunch break!

In the afternoon, all the admin has all been finished and I can now oversee the running of the store. If there’s a new bride and family in, I love to go and help with the close of a sale. Otherwise, I like to change my window and in-store displays.

We close at 5pm, but I’m rarely away for that time.

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My Typical Evening…

If it’s been a stressful day, we treat ourselves to a fabulous meal and cocktail at our favourite restaurant – this usually happens twice a week.

Otherwise, I will make a meal and then relax in our Jacuzzi with a vodka in hand, or watch a movie or something on TV.

I’ll usually switch off after catching up with my grandchildren on FaceTime. I’m a night owl, so bedtime is normally around 11.30pm to midnight. I’m not a heavy sleeper, but I always remember my dreams.

The Best Part of My Day…

My favourite part of the day is actually 9pm – that’s when I’m the most relaxed after a long day. If I could change any part of my day, it’d be to slow down and have a leisurely lunch without any interruption from staff, brides, phones etc. But I’ve loved every minute of my 33 year journey in bridal – even in the bad times you can grow and learn. Overall, it’s an amazing industry to be a part of.Do you want to share the details of your day with your peers? Email to find out more.

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