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Hervé Moreau on Pronovias

Bridal Buyer gets an exclusive interview with Hervé Moreau the Artistic Director behind successful bridal brand Pronovias

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Hervé on Pronovias
Hervé on Pronovias

If you’re a fan of bridal fashion, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be familiar with the name Hervé Moreau. The Nice-born French couturier is the Artistic Director of Pronovias, and is responsible for the creative direction of a number of the Pronovias Group brands: the Haute Couture collection Atelier Pronovias, Pronovias, Pronovias Privee, St. Patrick, and White One.

Bridal Buyer was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Moreau after the renowned fashion show that saw a model fly above the stage.

When did you first realise you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

I have been interested in bridal fashion since I was little–I drew sketches of wedding dresses; they fascinated me! My career was always related to the bridal world. I studied fashion design in Cannes, and for the following 15 years, I worked as a designer for Jean-Louis Scherrer.

In 2010 I started at the high fashion firm Matsuo Fashion House in Japan as the head of the bridal and cocktail collections. And now I ́m at Pronovias! I started here in 2013 and being a part of this company is simply a dream come true. I hope to have a long and fruitful tenure here.

How is working in the bridal industry different today than from when you started?

The market for bridal fashion is ever evolving. Nowadays women know what they want. They have new icons: confident, sexy and sensual women, and they don’t necessarily want princess dresses anymore.

Hence, why we have reinterpreted the classic volumes for lighter versions, while still offering ball gowns. We ́re embracing modern designs and trying to break old rules, also continuing to offer the classical options, creating all kinds of gowns for brides all over the world.

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What motivates and drives you?

The best thing about working for Pronovias is being part of a company where I can pursue my dream and the dream of all the women around the world. Also, the chance to see the excitement and the happiness on the brides’ faces, is such an honour. The wedding day is such a huge moment in the woman’s life, and I feel so lucky to be able to help them to make the day as wonderful as possible!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Dressing the dreams of thousands of brides around the world on the most important day of their lives is a constant pride and my biggest achievement every day.

How would you describe a typical Pronovias bride?

A bride who feels faithful to herself. I want my brides to feel like the best possible version of themselves on their wedding day.

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What inspired your latest collection?

I’ve always been fascinated by the art world and inspired by grandmasters like Monet and van Gogh who were artistic pioneers of their times. While crafting the 2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection, I went back to my childhood in Nice, where I was first exposed to the arts in the Museum of Marc Chagall.

Famous for painting worlds of fantasy, love, and joy, Chagall is renowned for celebrating the blissfulness of brides and portraying their beautiful silhouettes floating in harmonious dreamscapes, surrounded by flowers, birds, and glowing stars.

In our 2020 Collection, we re-interpreted Chagall´s universe in a unique way, adorning the gowns with stunning beadwork. Our team of 60 passionate artisans worked on this and the result: An array of stars, glowing moons, and lovebirds artfully beaded onto the gowns.

Can you tell us about any specific fabric and silhouette trends to look out for in the latest collection?

With the desire to create bridal dresses that flatter and celebrate the female form, the design team and I tailored impeccably glamorous silhouettes, crafting them with new materials, such as Crepe Couture, embellished mesh, and handcrafted laces from France.

Also, this innovative collection of wedding gowns was created with an improved fit that ensures both comfort and confidence – the aspiration of every modern bride. Every dress was designed to be featherlight, with streamlined construction made for moving with the grace and elegance reminiscent of the dreamy brides in Marc Chagall’s masterpieces.

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How has the Pronovias brand evolved over the years?

The Pronovias Group is the international leader in the luxury bridal wear sector, with more than 4,000 points of sale in 105 countries, including 155 Pronovias boutiques. A family business founded in Barcelona more than 50 years ago, it was acquired by private equity fund BC Partners in October 2017 and is on track to further expand and underpin its leading international position in the luxury bridal wear sector.

Pronovias have a fantastic online presence, how has social media influenced the bridal industry/fashion industry?

The millennial generation communicates through social networks, chats and many, many photos are taken! We could say that practically everything happens through a picture. A millennial bride will first take a selfie with her dress then look into a mirror… so dresses should be, first, very photogenic, then surprising and consistent with their values.

The new collection is designed with every bride in mind, but which designs do you think British brides will respond most to?

We always attempt to appeal to as many styles as we can, trying to offer plenty of possibilities to brides all over the world to find their perfect dress and make them feel comfortable, elegant, trendy and beautiful on their big day.

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Are there any differences in what British brides want in comparison to other European countries?

We love British brides! The British style is known for its elegance and classic nature. The historically grand Royal style, but nowadays, the cool, punk, urban London trends are also well-recognized.

The difference in British brides and other international brides is tastes and trends. British brides are flexible in that they like the classic-romantic-royal style and the cool-urban at the same time. So, British brides can always find their perfect dress in Pronovias.

If you could dress anyone in the world who would it be?

All brides are a dream to me! I have had the opportunity to dress many brides and of course, many more to come.

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